Conditional Immortality and Salvation

We believe that God alone has immortality. Human beings are mortal because of sin: John Brown lies a-moulding in the grave, lock stock and barrel, his soul does not go marching on.

We reject the notion that some part of the human being is immortal and will live on forever by nature.

We believe that salvation from sin and death comes only by accepting Christ as our Sin bearer, Saviour, and Sovereign. He is the Resurrection and the Life. Upon him and his coming depends the establishment of his kingdom, the resurrection, the reward of the righteous, the abolition of sin and its consequences, as well as the renewal and perfection of the earth.

We reject the notion that Christ as anything less than the Giver of Life. He is not only some kind of spiritual referee, a mere sorter of innately immortal souls, sending some “up” and some “down”.

We believe that death, as “the last enemy”, will be defeated only when Christ comes again.

We reject the unrealistic notion the death is a “friend”, a “doorway to a better place” or an immediate “promotion to glory”.

We are looking for a literal, physical coming of Jesus Christ to the earth as the climax of human history.

We reject all tendencies to see our death as the climax of history.

We believe hell is a Divine garbage dump. It is an incinerator in which all that is sinful or imperfect about this world – and all who are in rebellion against God – will be finally destroyed when this world is made new.

We reject the idea that hell is a cosmic torture chamber where the wicked will kept alive in an eternity of pain and suffering.

We believe that believers will live forever with God and Christ in a whole new and improved universe in which only righteousness will dwell.

We do not believe that God will save only those people who believe as we do. We do however believe that these perspectives form part of “the big picture” necessary for a full understanding of who God is and what salvation is all about. 

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