The Dead Know Nothing

A TV Review (Who reads TV Reviews?) said: “Save for the quirky Pushing Daisies, in which a man brings the dead back to life, television has suffered from a rash – pestilence, even – of drama programmes which take as an absolute given that there is an afterlife, and that those in it are prepared to go to a lot of trouble to communicate with the still-living.

Medium, Ghost Whisperer, Sea of Souls and the recently finished Afterlife all demand that we accept that the dead have a bristling array of agendas, which they are intent on pursuing beyond the grave.” (Source:

Ecclesiastes 9:4-10 speaks in detail of the condition of the dead. Among the things this passage affirms are:

1. That the same destiny overtakes us all: we join the dead (v3);

2. That the dead know nothing (5a);

3. That they have no further reward (5b);

4. That the memory of them is forgotten (5c);

5. That their emotions, love, hate, jealousy etc, vanish (6);

6. That never again will they have a part in anything that happens under the sun (6b).

7. That in the grave, where the dead are, there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom (10).

Solomon stood on the far side of Christ and his cross. Consequently he did not see the hope of the resurrection as clearly as we do. There is no reason to suppose, however, that Solomon did not understand the nature of death.

The one who stands for the Word of God in this area may feel they stand alone. They will have to stand against our culture, but despite a plethora of TV shows giving hope to the contrary the Bible says the dead have no agenda (Ecc. 9:4-10) and no hope apart from Christ (1Cor. 15:18-19).

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