On Disabilities / Handicaps

Some people look at a disabled person and think “The real person is trapped inside that body”, a thought which is based on the Greek idea of the body as a carriage for the soul or the “real person”. What is the biblical perspective on disabled people?

We are are in fact a “living soul” (Gen 2:7), dust animated by the breath of God, and the soul is not separate from the body (see this post for more details ). Thus when we see a disabled person we see a disabled soul, not a disabled carriage-for-the-soul.

We are in fact all disabled souls, because even the finest physical specimen is disabled by the curse of sin under which he or she was born.

Such a person may appear to be in perfect health, but the truth is that the effects of sin can be seen in everything from their DNA to their limited life span.

A disabled soul in a wheelchair simply has disabilities arising from the curse of sin that are more visible than those of someone generally considered to have “perfect health”.

The good news is that one day those who love and follow the Lord will be free of the curse of sin, and there will be no more mourning, or crying or pain because the first things will have passed away (Rev 21:4). There will be no need for wheelchairs or doctors on the new earth because everyone will truly have perfect health.

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