Role of Resurrection Assigned to Death?

Bulletin. The Word of Truth Ministry, Volume 2, No. 36, June 2005, p.1.

“Thoughts from the Editor”, Jane S. Hancock .

“In a newspaper article, Otis Q. Sellers said this about death and what the world believes: “…most professing Christians are living in a constant state of ignorance and unbelief so far as God’s revelation concerning death is concerned. They refuse to inform themselves, they close their eyes to all Biblical facts, and thus they stand as truth rejecters in the sight of God….”The salient Biblical fact concerning death is that it is the end of life, not the beginning of anew one. In other words, the Bible teaches that the dead are dead until they are raised from it.

If this is not true, then death is meaningless and resurrection is more so. If death is a reality, then resurrection is also.”The widespread view is a philosophy that makes death to be the open door or introductory event to a larger and fuller life. Thus the role of resurrection is assigned to death. This is not right”.

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