Fire Then Nothing

Clark Pinnock, in an article entitled, “Fire, Then Nothing,” (Christianity Today, 20 March 1987, p. 40) says: “…the semiofficial position of the church since approximately the sixth century has been that hell lasts forever and that human beings thrown into it are tormented endlessly. To some, this has conveyed the picture of unceasing physical burning, while to other in recent times the torment has been re-imaged in terms of mental and psychological suffering. Whatever the image, the traditional understanding of hell is unspeakably horrible. How can one imagine for a moment that the God who gave his Son to die for sinners because of his great love for them would install a torture chamber somewhere in the new creation in order to subject those who reject him to everlasting pain?”

A better known article by Pinnock on the subject of the fate of the wicked is “The Destruction of the Finally Impenitent,” Criswell Theological Review 4, no. 2 (Spring 1990).

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