"The Departure of the Soul" A Figure of Speech

The Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, in its article on death, states that:

“the ‘departure’ of the nephesh [soul] must be viewed as a figure of speech, for it does not continue to exist independently of the body, but dies with it … No biblical text authorizes the statement that the ‘soul’ is separated from the body at the moment of death” (“Death” in IDB, Vol. 1, 1962, p. 802 ).

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3 Responses to "The Departure of the Soul" A Figure of Speech

  1. Geo Wisbrock says:


    Long time no contact. Trust you and yours are well and that you all continue to grow in Grace.

    With regard to IDB comment about the departure of the nephesh being a figure of speech, I don’t believe that’s always if ever actually true. The one exception I am quite sure about would be when Rachel died while giving birth to Benjamin. As I recall – that’s the best I can do today cause by Bible program crashed this week – As I recall, many translations say that her soul departed.

    In that verse it should have simply been rendered to, “and her nephesh Life left her.”

    Could you provide me with a list of other verses which also say the a nephesh left or departed from someone.

    thank you for your ministry.

    George Wisbrock

  2. admin says:

    Hi George,
    Nice to hear from you. I think I will answer your comment in the form of a post either today or tomorrow. Meanwhile I just wanted to say “Hello” and “Thanks for the encouragement.”

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