What is the Fate of the Wicked? (Audio)

There is a “Far Side” cartoon titled Nerds In Hell, where there are a few devils pictured, some flames, some sweaty folks, and two nerds in glasses, one of whom says to the other: “Hot enough for ya?”. It says nothing about the Biblical view of hell but much about hell in popular culture.

Here is the audio of the fourth in a series of sermons I am preaching at my church (on Conditional Immortality and specifically here, the Biblical view of hell). The sermon is entitled, “The Fate of the Wicked”.

It is not possible in one sermon to discuss every Scripture relevant to the Bible’s teaching on hell but I have attempted to give hit on most of the major points. Hence the sermon is a little longer than the others and this file is a little bigger than the others (4 MB).

By the way this is post number 100 for this site. Enjoy.

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