The Kingdom of God (Part 1)

Here is the audio of the fifth in a series of sermons I am preaching at my church (on Conditional Immortality and specifically here, the Kingdom of God as the hope of the righteous). The sermon is entitled, “The Hope of the Righteous: The Kingdom of God on Earth” (Part 1).

As I have said, it is less directly related to Conditional Immortality – and I know not all conditionalists agree with the main thesis: that the hope of the righteous is still a resurrection to eternal life in the kingdom of God on earth. It does however show that nowhere in the Old Testament are the righteous told to hope for “heaven at death.”

In some of the past sermons in the series I tried to make the file size smaller by “clipping” some of the gaps. My son pointed out that I am now talking at 1000 miles per hour. This time I decided to put the larger file up.

I have also put up the larger versions of all the previous sermons so they can be listed to without the increase in my already rapid rate of words per minute. Here are the links again:

Sermon 1: The Exclusive Immortality of God.

Sermon 2: What is A Human Being? or Mortal But Made in His Image.

Sermon 3: Is Death Death?

Sermon 4: The Fate of the Wicked.

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