Here is a link to a Advent Christian Hymnal which contains  hymns from a conditionalist perspective.  If you know of other hymnals online or other hymns from a conditionalist perspective  please leave a link in the comments.

Here is one taken from the Conditional Immortality section
O wond’rous gift! O matchless love!
Bestowed in mercy from above:
The priceless gift that all may claim,
Through faith in one prevailing Name.

Through Adam’s disobedience, all
‘Neath the death penalty do fall;
Sinners with him, with him man dies,
No endless life this life implies.

In the all-wise, eternal plan,
A hope is offered dying man,
And one is promised who can save,
And rescue from the cruel grave.

God’s only Son assumed man’s guilt,
To ransom him, his blood was spilt.
The debt he paid upon the tree,
And life eternal gained for thee.
E.E. Miles

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One Response to Hymns

  1. From the “Praise the Lord” hymnal, copyright 1992, 1997 by Song Supplements, Inc, page 823…

    …ironically this is right across the page from “I’ll Fly Away” – one of the most famous “Fly away immortal to heaven when you die” songs. Yet, at least in this hymnal, this song has survived, almost as if the publishers didn’t seem to notice that the two songs absolutely disagree with each other: Heaven’s Jubilee teaches the resurrection of the dead, but not until Christ’s return.

    Heaven’s Jubilee (by Adger M. Pace & George T. Speer, 1939)

    1. Some glad morning we shall see Jesus in the air,
    Coming after you and me, joy is ours to share;
    What rejoicing there will be when the saints shall rise,
    Headed for that jubilee, yonder in the skies.

    O what singing, O what shouting,
    On that happy morning when we all shall rise,
    O what glory, Hallelujah! When we meet our blessed Savior in the skies.

    2. Seems that now I almost see all the sainted dead,
    Rising for that jubilee, that is just ahead;
    In the twinkling of an eye, changed with them to be,
    All the living saints to fly to that jubilee.

    [repeat Chorus]

    3. When with all the heav’nly host we begin to sing,
    Singing in the Holy Ghost, how the heav’ns will ring;
    Millions there will join the song, with them we shall be
    Praising Christ thro’ ages long, heaven’s jubilee.

    [repeat Chorus]

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