Where is Hell? by David Burge

Where is hell?

The most popular suggestion is that it is at the centre of the earth. (It certainly is hot down there). According to wikipedia: It’s in Norway. Hell is a village in Stjørdal, Norway with a population of 352. It has become a minor tourist attraction because of its name, since people like to take the train there to get photographed in front of the station sign. The station sign reads “Gods-expedition”, an old spelling of the Norwegian word for “cargo handling” – godsekspedisjon would be the current spelling.

Actually hell (Gehenna) is a valley south of Jerusalem where corrupt Jews burned their children as offerings to the god, Molech. It was later “desecrated” by good King Josiah. Jeremiah denounced the evil done in this place. Later rubbish from the city was burned in the valley. Thus the word Gehenna, meaning valley of Hinnom, became a suitable picture of a place of final destruction rather than torment. See 2Kings 23:10; Jeremiah 7:31; 19:2.



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One Response to Where is Hell? by David Burge

  1. Wayne Stallsmith says:

    G’Day, Mates,

    I always enjoy your information. There is also a Hell, Michigan, and a Hell on Grand Cayman Island. I’ve visited both and really don’t want to live in either one. 🙂

    Be blessed!

    Wayne Stallsmith
    Clearwater, Florida

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