Tribute to David Burge

Edward Fudge wrote this tribute ( below) to David Burge in his family notes. David was the editor of this website and the editor of the From Death to Life magazine for the last 4 years and my dear husband. David’s blog can be found at

Of interest to readers of this website might be the funeral sermon which is linked

I grieve but not as one without hope. I await the return of the Lord Jesus and the resurrection of the dead. ~ Tarnya Burge

EXTRAORDINARY FAITH — I met David and Tarnya Burge and their extended family during a speaking tour in New Zealand in 2000. David moved with difficulty due to cerebral palsy, but he nevertheless accomplished more than two other men. He pastored two churches — Church of Christ Life & Advent (similar but not connected to Restoration Movement ‘Church of Christ’) and Advent Christian — became editor of a Christian magazine upon the death of then-editor Carl Josephson, and was husband to Tarnya and father of eight children. Tarnya is no less remarkable as the mother of eight, who home-schools the older six, manages the home, and runs her own business designing websites on the side.

Late last year, David was stricken with leukemia. After a courageous struggle, he fell asleep in Jesus on Sunday, July 4, at age 42. During David’s illness, Tarnya published regular reports filled with supernatural gratitude, peace, joy and hope in Jesus, alongside the pain, fear, questioning and concern natural to humankind. I have been convicted and inspired by their unquenchable faith and add them to my personal “Hall of the Faithful” (Hebrews 11). Your prayers and encouragement for Tarnya and her children will be appreciated very much at this time.

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