Will Enoch and Elijah be the two end-time “prophets” of Revelation 11?

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ROLLER UPDATE #33 – July 28, 2010


Q: Will Enoch and Elijah be the two end-time “prophets” of Revelation 11?

A: No. The question is based on two commonly-believed ideas, both of which (in my opinion) are incorrect. The first idea is that Revelation 11 “WILL” be fulfilled in the FUTURE. I believe that it WAS fulfilled in the PAST. I have explained this in my “Studies in Revelation,” which I will be happy to send you (by email), absolutely FREE, if you ask me to. The second idea is that both Enoch and Elijah are still alive (neither having died yet). I believe that they are both dead. It’s easy (in my opinion) to prove that Enoch is dead, since Genesis 5:23 clearly states, “And all the days of Enoch were 365 years.” If Enoch were still alive, he’d be 5,500 years old by now. If Genesis 5:23 is true, then he died before his 366th birthday. It’s a little harder to prove that Elijah is dead, since the Bible nowhere clearly states his age (at death, or at any other time in his life). He was seen going up “into heaven [the sky]” “by a whirlwind [a tornado]” (there was a “chariot of fire” there, but the Bible DOESN’T say that Elijah “rode” in it) in 852 BC (2 Kings 2:11); but, 9 years later, in 843 BC, according to 2 Chronicles 21:12, King Jehoram received “a writing [a letter]” from him, discussing all the things that he had been doing since Elijah’s tornado-trip (Jehoram wasn’t even the king yet, when the tornado-trip happened). How did that happen, if Elijah wasn’t still alive, somewhere on Earth? After that, we hear no more about him. My guess is that he was living in a cave on a mountain somewhere in the desert, and that he died there, sometime before 800 BC. If that’s not what you believe, I’d love to hear a better explanation – be sure to include the part about the letter he wrote to King Jehoram! And, yes, I know all about the theory that both Enoch and Elijah went to Heaven and are up there to this day; but, according to John 3:13, “No man has ascended up to Heaven, but He that came down from Heaven, even the Son of Man who is in Heaven.” In my opinion, that’s as clear a statement as any that you can find in the Bible, and it totally rules out the idea that Enoch and Elijah (or any other human beings, except Jesus) are in Heaven today, or ever have been.

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