Around the Web and a note about the Resurrection Magazine

I found this site

Ken Fortier Ministries : As well as a number of articles on Conditional Immortality, there is a page dedicated to C  Dickinson “Curtis was a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of Resurrection magazine for many years, and a contributing writer of the articles appearing within it — which is no longer being published (sadly, I must say). Resurrection magazine was published by the Pastor’s Library Foundation for the Resurrection Fellowship in America and the United Kingdom.”

We are looking for old copies of Resurrection Magazine to republish online. I do have some copies, my list is found here. If you have an edition not on my list and would be willing to give them to us at for online publishing please email me at

Kurt Johnson is exploring the issue of hell on his blog “I grew up in church hearing very little about hell, except for a few occasions, like the time I was in youth group and they played an audiotape that was supposed to motivate us to witness about our Christian faith. It was filled with hypothetical conversations with people that are in hell screaming, crying and blaming Christians for not tell them about Christ. Things like, “If you would have told me about Jesus, I wouldn’t have to spend eternity in hell!” in a shrill voice. I can remember thinking, “Is God really going to condemn people to eternal flames for thinking the wrong things about Him?” I left that meeting confused, and disturbed about the fate of “the lost” but not sure why God would do that.” I am not sure if he will come to CI conclusions but Kurt represents some of the many people who are taking a fresh look at this issue.

Does their worm really die?

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