Hellfire or Annihilation?

 “Jesus Needs New PR
Matthew Paul Turner, author of several books including Churched: One Kid’s Journey Towards God Despite a Holy Mess
writes about how hellfire teaching effected him

Yet in the end, writing about his childhood in all its complexity is about rejecting the fear that too often ran through Turner’s life and faith, and still creeps in. “When you were introduced to God by way of hell, that’s a springboard into a pit of being afraid on various levels of life; whether that’s afraid of getting in trouble or afraid of failing or afraid of revealing the real you,” Turner says. “Probably in the process of writing this book even, I realized that some of my closest friends don’t really know me because I’m afraid, and only recently I’ve been able to open up. I hope people who read this book ask, ‘Does my truth make me free, or does it make me lie?’ Truth will always set us free.”

see also
Where he asks for our view of hell: I left a message in his comments: annihilation.

tags: afterlife, soul sleep, annihilation, conditional immortality

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