Conditional Immortality

Reflecting on Joel Green’s book Body, Soul and Human Life..

That being said, what do you think?  How will this change in the view of human persons be received by the Christian community?  Do you think Christians will simply attempt to debunk the science?  Or perhaps argue that science doesn’t provide relevant answers to these types of questions?  Alternatively, does the Christian faith require this ‘traditional’ view of a separate and immortal soul that is distinct from the material body?  Is it possible that the traditional view is wrong or that this view doesn’t accurately represent the description of human persons provided in the Bible?

I believe the Christian faith does not require a separate and immortal soul. My hope is the return of Christ and the physical resurrection of the dead.
1 Thess 3:13-18
I believe that God alone has immortality. I believe in conditional immortality.
I believe this views has implications for how we view the human person.

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