M and M have updated their blog. I did a wee hunt and found their articles on hell

Professor Raymond Bradley’s contention that, the bible teaches that God will torture people endlessly for their beliefs.

In essence, then, {he}  is mistaken. It is based on an excessively literalistic reading of Apocalyptic literature. Bradley’s argument is not an argument for atheism. It can only succeed as an argument for atheism if one accepts both the infallibility of scripture and an excessively literalistic reading of the text, one that fails to take into account the genre of Jewish Apocalyptic writings. The correct response to this objection is not to become an atheist but to reject poor hermeneutics.

The issue of annihilation is important for Christians to consider. One reason is how we are able to give the reasons for the hope we have: We have a God who is just and will destroy all evil not torture evil doers for ever.

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One Response to Annihilation

  1. Ritchie Way says:

    All our doctrines should be interpreted in the light of the cross–hell included. Because Jesus is the truth, we should look to his life and death for an explanation of hell. If Jesus endured our punishment on the cross, if he paid the full price for our sins on Golgotha, then he went to hell in our place. But if he is not suffering in eternal fire, if he is not being eaten by an undying worm, then that can’t be what hell is like. Hell, for Jesus, was being cut off from the Father for eternity; it was dying a hopeless, futureless, despairing death in our place. But the grave was unable to hold him because our sins were on him and not in him. He paid the penalty for them, but they did not stain him.
    Ritchie Way.

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