Annihilationism is a motivator for evangelism

But the point of all of this is not to determine here and now which doctrine is right; although much study should be given to these points by any faithful Christian. The point here is to recognize that our works are vitally important. That we need to have a biblical vision of hell as well as that biblical vision of “suffering loss”. The first will propel us forth to reach the lost (something I confess that I have not been very faithful in); the second will propel us (as has been on my heart for many years now) to reach those in the church who are not building properly or not building at all on the foundation of Jesus they have received from God. While the Lord might have in mind for me to continue to reach those in the church who are not building with fire-proof materials, still, I believe He would have me sharpen my vision of hell for those that are lost as well. Both visions will keep us faithful in “doing” and will cause us to be building with fire-proof materials that will stand in the coming judgment.
The author doesn’t decide which “version” of hell he thinks the Bible teaches, he does acknowlegde that it should be done. He makes an important point: by ignoring hell because the issue is too hard, we are missing an motivator for evangelism.  We need lives that are invested in eternity. As you know, I am convinced of annihilationism and conditional immortality. That fact that life is only found in Christ is a motivator for me to share my faith. It also motives me to live my present life in light of eternity.

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