Hell, Annihilationism is a hot topic!

http://www.internetmonk.com/archive/open-mic-what-are-you-hearing-about-hell invited others to comment on the doctrine of hell. Many people have commented ( over 300 comments when I last looked: the doctrine of  hell is a topic being discussed on the web today. I quote from Hell Under Fire | Annihilationism , Universalism or the Traditional View 

First up I think we in CIANZ ought to be encouraged by this book, Hell Under Fire. Seriously! First, the fact that nine dedicated scholars have gone to such lengths to produce this combined case shows that the Traditional view of hell – unending torment – really is “under fire” today. That’s a very good thing, in so far as it is testimony to the fact that our view, Conditional Immortality, is taken very seriously today, not just by a few on the fringe, but by all who know the subject, including evangelical Christian leaders. As the book itself says, challenges to the Traditional view have “moved from the periphery of evangelicalism to its center” (p29).

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