Annihiliationism: Is Hell Under Fire?

Warren Prestidge spoke about the new book Hell under FIre

“Why is Universalism so commonly held today even among mainstream Christians? Or, if they don’t actually advocate Universalism, why do so many Christians today, including so many Christian pastors and teachers, pretty much avoid the whole subject of final judgment all together, even though it’s standard, both in the Bible and in all Christian traditions?

And the main reason, surely – or at least one of the two or three main reasons – is that even Christians today are utterly embarrassed by, and in fact ashamed of, the Traditionalist view of hell!And James Packer himself agrees with this. He says: “the deepest motivation in {Universalists’} minds has always been revolt against mainstream belief in endless punishment in hell for some people” (p171). In the first essay in the book, J. Albert Mohler Jr. traces something of the growing moral disquiet about this doctrine during the 19th Century.  He writes: “Of all the articles of accepted Christian orthodoxy that troubled the consciences of Victorian churchmen, none caused more anxiety than the everlasting punishment of the wicked.”


Hell Under Fire a CIANZ conference address by Warren Prestidge

You can read the rest of the article as well as the latest magazine on the Afterlife | Conditional Immortality, Soul Sleep and Annihilationism website.

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