Soul Sleep | Conditional Immortality

One particular verse seems to refute soul sleep. In Luke 23:43, Jesus told the thief on the cross that he would be with Him that day in paradise. Jesus was not going to sleep, and neither was the man on the cross. On the contrary, Jesus preached to the spirits in prison and led the captive to freedom, where the Old Testament believers rose from their tombs and went into Jerusalem, only be to taken up when Christ ascended forty days later. (1st Peter 3:19,Ephesians 4:8, Matthew 27:51-53)


“Seems” to refute! A good choice of words because there are other interpretations:
The Penitent Thief | The Thief on the cross

The Spirits in Prison

A new article on the Afterlife | Conditional Immortality, Soul Sleep and Annihilationism website is Sheol the Old Testament Consensus, which deals with the soul in the Old Testament.

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