Solving the problem of hell

The hell of tradition is a different matter. Rather than teaching that hell is a place where sin is dealt with ultimately by God, tradition teaches a hell that is a sort of repository where God puts all those pesky sinners that he could not cure. It is a place of punishment and confinement, but not destruction. Having bought into the Greek concept of the immortality of the human soul, tradition is not in a place where it can accept what Jesus literally says about Gehenna. For Jesus, the judgment will take place not during the intermediate state (between death and the resurrection), but “on the last day.” That “last day” will be truly the last day for all sinners, because they will be raised not for life but for condemnation,6 punishment (including torment) appropriate for each of their personal sins, and then destruction. Yes, destruction. God has not created anything that he cannot destroy. Jesus said that he “can destroy both soul and body in hell.”8 Jesus compared the Day of Judgment to the day the world was destroyed by Noah’s flood, and the day the people of Sodom were destroyed by fire. In calling people to himself, he urged them to take the narrow gate which leads to life, not the broad gate, which leads to destruction.

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We should question the traditional view of hell (that of unending torment), because it is wrong.  But suggesting that God is not serious when he warns people of their impending destruction is also wrong.  Those who know about God’s grace, and his limited time offer of eternal life through Christshould be finding fresh new ways of proclaiming that truth to this generation on its way to hell.  The gospel is the only solution to the problem of hell.



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