The Unfinished Business of the Reformation

Make no mistake about why the traditional hell of unending torment “has been so widely abandoned,” and why that abandonment increases with every passing day. This abandonment is not due to lack of conviction; it is not based on lack of will. It isnot a result of Enlightenment presuppositions or of postmodern principles. Rejection of unending torment does not represent the replacement of reason by elevated emotion or result from the substitution of pragmatism for theology. Such charges are straw men, red herrings, whistles in the graveyard. Last Things (eschatology), the unfinished business of the Reformation, is back on the agenda, and Holy Scripture is the highest standard and the operative rule.

Whatever the value of Tradition, whatever the respect due to Confessions and to Creeds, all of that combined is no fit trade-off for fresh, honest, prayerful, earnest Bible study–no holds barred, windows fully open, sunshine streaming in. When the authority, reputation, and glory of God are at stake, nothing less will suffice. 

Quoted from a recent GracEmail By Edward Fudge


Amen! Amen! Amen!


You can check out more about Annihiliationism and why you should abandon the traditional view of hell on the Afterlife website. 


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