About Us

Who Are We?

The Conditional Immortality Association of New Zealand Inc. is a non-profit organization established to promote a Biblical understanding of human nature, life, death and eternity as taught throughout Scripture.

The Association promotes and distributes information on conditional immortality and related subjects through various forms of media: books and booklets, audio and video tapes, tracts, regular newsletters, and now this website! Also from time to time, as opportunities arise, we organise and facilitate conferences, seminars, etc. for the advancement, study and understanding of this important area of Biblical truth.

You can read our Statement of Faith here.

Brief History of the Association.

When conditional immortality first became an issue among conservative Christians here in New Zealand towards the end of the 19th Century, it was regarded by many as “heresy.” Some who held this belief were not permitted to teach in several mainline denominations. As a result many Conditionalists decided it had become necessary to form their own denomination (in later years this was known as the Churches of Christ, Life and Advent).

By 1992 it had become obvious that many Christians no longer regarded our beliefs as heretical. (We understand that the (then) most recent global evangelism “Lausanne Conference” approved a revised Statement of Faith to allow for Conditional Immortality). This was partly as a result of a number of well-known Christian leaders, such as John Stott, Archbishop George Carey, Philip Hughes, Michael Green and Stephen Travis, having declared support for part, or all, of what we call conditional immortality. Consequently, a number within the denomination explored the option of joining a larger denomination with the view that there was no longer any good reason to remain separate. This process has now taken place.

The Conditional Immortality Association consists of a number of the former members of the denomination plus many others who have joined us because of a shared interest in promoting an understanding of our beliefs. We welcome all who accept our statement of faith to join.


As well as maintaining this website, and holding occasional conferences, we publish a quarterly Newsletter, From Death to Life. You may read the magazine online here.


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