Articles / Reviews

Articles Introducing Conditional Immortality

This is a brief introduction to Conditional Immortality for those who have little or no knowledge of the subject.

What Is Conditional Immortality? Author: Glenn Peoples.

Conditional Immortality: Does It Matter? Author: David Burge.

Articles on Human Nature

These articles address questions about human nature or “philosophical anthropology”. This has to do with what we are: Just what is a human being composed of? Are we material or immaterial beings? Are we made up of one, two or three fundamental parts? What does Scripture say about this?

Death, Resurrection and the Continuity of Personal Identity.  Author: Glenn Peoples.

Articles on Death and the Afterlife

What happens when we die? Does our immortal soul depart this world and enter another phase of its life? Do we cease to function entirely and simply rot? What does the future hold beyond the grave for us?

Articles on Final Punishment

Many Christians believe the traditional doctrine of hell as a place of eternal torment for the lost. However, Evangelicalism is showing an increasing willingness to honestly look at the issue of final punishment again in light of Scripture, and what many of them are finding is changing the way a lot of Christians think about hell. In these articles, you might see why.

Fire and Flood: How the New Testament Uses the First Testament to Teach about Final Punishment. Author: Glenn Peoples.

Articles Reprinted from Advent Christian Sources

The following articles on Conditional Immortality were reprinted from Advent Christian circles and are used with the kind permission of Dr. John H. Roller. They are in *.doc format.

Comments On Philippians 1:20-25 by Dr. John H. Roller

Concerning Them Which Are Asleep by Burr Eggleston

Conditional Immortality by A. E. Bloom
Conditional Immortality by Burr Eggleston

Why I Believe In Conditional Immortalityby Sidney A. Hatch

Do the Saints Go to Heaven When They Die?: The Question Scripturally Consideredby Elder C. M. Keach

The Extinction of Evil by Rev. William Sheldon

The Rich Man and Lazarus: The most misunderstood text of the Bible by Raymond M. Beecroft

After a courageous and faith – filled battle with lung cancer for five months, Carl Josephson died on October 23 of 2005. Carl served on the Conditional Immortality Association for many years, including a term as President. He headed our literature work, including editing our magazine, for most of that time. At his funeral, which was attended by over 450 people, Warren Prestidge, pastor of Remuera Baptist Church and author of Life, Death and Destiny , offered the following tribute.

A Tribute To Carl Josephson. Author: Warren Prestidge.


Here you’ll find some reviews of books and movies on a range of topics:

Two Views of Hell: A Biblical and Theological Dialogue by Edward Fudge and Robert Peterson. Reviewed by Carl Josephson, in “From Death To Life”, Issue 18, p13-14 (Watch the numbering of the pages!).

The Passion of the Christ A Movie by Mel Gibson. Reviewed by Glenn Peoples in “From Death To Life, Issue 26, p 18-23.

Asleep in Christ by Helaine Burch. Reviewed by Carl Josephson, in “From Death To Life”, Issue 18, p12 (Watch the numbering of the pages!).

Four Views on Hell Edited by William V. Crockett. Reviewed by David Burge in “From Death To Life”, Issue 28, p8-9, 18.

If I Should Wake Before I Die by H. Leon Greene M.D. Reviewed by Carl Josephson, in “From Death To Life”, Issue 15, p10.


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