“Objections to Conditional Immortality”

Radio Interview with David Burge

“Justin Martyr: God’s Philosopher”

Here is a recording of our Conference 2009 address in three parts:

“Justin Martyr: God’s Philosopher”
What the early church really believed about the immortality of the soul, hellfire and its relevance to today, from the life of Justin Martyr.

Justin Part1 Justin Part 2 Justin Part 3

The recordings are mp3s and may take a while to download if you are on “dial up.” A written version of the talk will appear in forthcoming issues of our magazine, “From Death to Life.”

Conditional Immortality in the 19th Century

The doctrine of “Hell” was once a vital tool in scaring people into making a decision for Christ during the “Great Awakening” of the eighteenth century. However, from the nineteenth century forward it has been a psychological obstacle to the success of the Gospel!

The nineteenth century advances in the disciplines of science, philosophy and religion loosened the grip of tradition from searching minds; finally, hundreds of years of tradition looked set to be overturned. Yet, on both sides of the Atlantic it was strangely suppressed by those obsessed with conformity to tradition rather than a commitment to both biblical truth and a society whose world view had changed!

Click hear to hear our 2008 Conference address: The Story of Conditional Immortality in the 19th Century.

A Podcast by Glenn Peoples

Recently Glenn Peoples posted a podcast on his blog that basically consists of the paper he presented our Conference 2007. The podcast is at and the entry that contains the audio clip is titled Episode 018: Athanasius, Atonement and Annihilation. It was posted on the 5th of October. You can listen online, or right click on the “download” link to download the mp3 file. Thanks Glenn.

A Series of Sermons on Advent Christian Distinctives

Here is is a series of sermons I have preached at my church (An Advent Christian Church) on Conditional Immortality and related themes:

Sermon 1: The Exclusive Immortality of God.

Sermon 2: What is A Human Being? or Mortal But Made in His Image.

Sermon 3: Is Death Death?

Sermon 4: The Fate of the Wicked.

Sermon 5: “The Hope of the Righteous: The Kingdom of God on Earth” (Part 1).

Audios on Conditional Immortality From “”

You will find them on this page

Death — Then What? [73:12] Anthony Buzzard

Life After Death [46:52] Sean Finnegan

Death is Sleep [47:23] Vince Finnegan

God’s Judgment: Death, Hell & Hell Fire [46:48] John Cortright

Resurrections [46:04] Vince Finnegan

Resurrection of the Just [52:26] Victor Gluckin

The Importance of Conditional Immortality [29:20] Dr. John Roller

Platonic Christianity: A Study of How Plato’s Philosophy of the Immortal Soul Has Infected Christianity [140:22] Edward Acton

The Sleeping Dead [1] — The Sleep of the Dead [64:44] Sean Finnegan on – [ The Byte ] –

The Sleeping Dead [2] — Answering Objections [73:18] Sean Finnegan on – [ The Byte ] –

The Sleeping Dead [3] — The Rich Man and Lazarus [70:18] Sean Finnegan on – [ The Byte ] –

The Resurrection of Jesus [71:44] Sean Finnegan on – [ The Byte ] –


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