Resurrection: An International Magazine

Do you have copies of Resurrection that you would be willing to give us so we can republish them online?

I have the following which I will work on republishing. Those articles with links are available online now.

Volume 90 No. 3 July-September 1987

Volume 90 No. 4 October-December 1987

Volume 91. No. 1 January- March 1988

Volume 91 No 2 April -June 1988

Volume 91 No 3 July-September 1988

Volume 91 No. 4 October-December 1988

Volume 92 no1 January March 1989

Volume 92 No3 Summer 1989

Volume 92 Volume 4 Fall 1989

Volume 93 No 1 Winter 1990

Volume 93 No 2 Spring 1990

Volume 93 No 3 Summer 1990

Volume 93 No. 4 Fall 1990

Volume 94 No. 3 Summer 1991

Volume 95 No. 1 Winter 1991

Volume 95, Number 2/3, 1992 (looking for a copy please)

Natural Immortality:Is It Christian Doctrine? By Steve Jones

Volume 94, No.4 Fall/Winter 1992

Consider Caleb  Jim Brandyberry
The Spirits in Prison Mark Mattison
When Do We Get Eternal Life? Robert l. Whitelaw
A Century Ago : Out(side) of the Body W. Laing
Tribute to a British Brother W S Gower
The Gospel of the Dead, J Eustace Mills
Sin’s Penalty in the Old Testament- Part I Henry Constable
Promise to a Dying Criminal-Part I A W Fowler

Volume 96 No. 1 Jan-Jun 1993

The Power of the Good News (N. Raxworthy)
A Teacher’s Outline of Resurrection Truth
Resurrection Truth in Job 14 and Romans 8
Resurrection Truth in the Hymnbook
On Taking Luke 16:19-Literally
Portraits of Torture in “Hell”
On the Subject of Death
History of Corrupting Resurrection Truth
The Book of Life and Its Neglect
The Battle for Resurrection Truth
Five-Year Index of Resurrection Magazine


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